Let's learn Solidworks


Ángel Alejandro Mellado Morales


  • Automation Engineering student at Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro

  • Current president of the IEEE-UAQ Student Branch

  • Former Vice President of the Student Society

  • Experience in project development, among which stand out the design of a nanosatellite in Unidad de Alta Tecnología (UNAM), development of CNC machines

  • Participation in the first innovation contest by Brose México

Workshop description

Introduction to 3D design from scratch using SolidWorks (the installation is not part of the course), knowing the various basic tools for modeling, tolerances and rendering of objects, to create aesthetically commercial and functional designs. Brief introduction to 3D printing (tolerances, structural analysis and document export).

Workshop Agenda

  • Topic 1: Planes, sketches and views

  • Topic 2: Dimensions and tolerances

  • Topic 3: Editing elements in 3D (Extrusion, rounding and patterns)

  • Topic 4: Design presentation (motion video and rendering)

  • Topic 5: My first 3D impression

Idioma: Español 

Número de Sesiones: 2

Duración por Sesión: 2 horas


Cupos: 25


04/Noviembre & 05/Noviembre

10:00 am GMT -5