Characterization of Biosignals


Ricardo Antonio Salido Ruiz


  • Electronics Engineer from Universidad Autónoma de Baja California in 2003

  • He worked in the private sector at a GPS and Sonar company, where he gained experience designing and prototyping circuits with surface mount components in 2004-2005.

  • He joined the Bioelectronics section of CINVESTAV-IPN in Mexico City in 2005

  • He conducted research in the area of electro-acoustic transducers used in medical therapy, where he focused on the part of ultrasonic signal processing

  • He obtained the degree of Master of Science from CINVESTAV in 2008

  • He obtained a grant from CONACYT to enter the National Polytechnic Institute of Lorraine, INPL (today University of Lorraine) in France, to carry out doctoral studies in the area of electrophysiological signal processing 

  • He worked on EEG electroencephalographic signals from patients with epilepsy and obtained the degree of doctor in 2012

  • He worked in the Bioengineering program at the University of Baja California in 2013 as a full professor, where he taught courses related to the biomedical area

  • He works as a researcher-professor at Centro Universitario de Ciencias Exactas e Ingenierías de la Universidad de Guadalajara since 2014

  • He is part of the Biomedical Engineering Degree Committee

  • SNI member since 2017

  • Member of the academic body of Computational Intelligence and of the Master of Science in Bioengineering and Intelligent Computing where he has several directions and co-directors of theses.

Workshop description

In this workshop you will learn different ways of extracting information from biosignals from muscular and brain electrical activity, by extracting characteristics in different representation domains.

Workshop Agenda

  • Topic 1: Biosignals and their origin

  • Topic 2: Acquisition and conditioning of Biosignals

  • Topic 3: Transformations and representations of a biosignal

  • Topic 4: Time domain metrics

  • Topic 5: Metrics in the frequency domain

  • Topic 6: Metrics in the time-frequency domain

  • Topic 7: Segmentation and Characterization

  • Topic 8: Data Analysis

Idioma: Español 

Número de Sesiones: 2

Duración por Sesión: 2 horas


Cupos: 10


05/Noviembre & 06/Noviembre

10:00 GMT -5