Introduction To The Creation Of Metabolic Models


Carolina Elizabeth Gómez Marquez


  • Graduated from the Master of Science in Chemistry at Universidad de Guadalajara, with research on the effect of fish oil and melatonin as protectors against induced oxidative stress

  • During her master's studies, she did a stay at Universidad Autónoma de México where they identified antibacterial activities present in pollen

  • She is currently studying for a PhD at Universidad de Guadalajara where he develops the integration of a genomic scale model for the production of esters in yeasts, where the use of algorithms is used for the processing of massive data, allowing the creation of computational models that simulate biological systems. .

Workshop description

Use of computational tools for metabolic model design

Workshop Agenda

  • Topic 1: Genomic data

  • Topic 2: Genes and reactions

  • Topic 3: Construction of the model

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05/Noviembre & 06/Noviembre

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