"The Role Of A Biomedical Engineer" In Electrical Installations In Health Care Areas And Hospital Electrical Safety  


Roberto Emmanuel Martínez Ramírez


  • Electronic Electrical Engineer with a specialty in Biomedical Engineering (UNAM2013)

  • Recognitions by Sociedad Mexicana de Ingeniería Biomédica, IEEE and Colegio de Ingenieros Biomédicos del Estado de Jalisco.

  • He has 5 years of experience in isolated electrical systems.

  • He has taught courses in different countries such asGuatemala, Uruguay, Costa Rica and El Salvador.

Roberto Martínez 2.png

Roberto Emmanuel Martínez Ramírez


  • Ing. Eléctrico Electrónico con especialidad en Ing. Biomédica (UNAM2013)

  • Reconocimientos por parte de la Sociedad Mexicana de Ingeniería Biomédica, IEEE y el Coegio de Ingenieros Biomédicos del Estado de Jalisco.

  • Cuenta con 5 años de experiencia en sistemas eléctricos aislados.

  • Ha impartido cursos en diferentes países comoGuatemala, Uruguay, Costa Rica y El Salvador.

Workshop description

For more than 30 years there have been dizzying advances in the implementation and use of medical devices, but the electrical risks involved when using them in critical areas have been taken into account by medical personnel and Biomedical Engineers, which is why it is sought with this workshop show all the risks of death by electrocution in these areas and everything that the regulations contemplate to reduce the risks.


The workshop is aimed at professionals in training and personnel working in health care areas.

Workshop Agenda

  • Topic 1: Background

  • Topic 2: Electrical safety within critical areas

  • Topic 3: Justification of the use of the isolated electrical system

  • Topic 4: Insulation Board (Elements)

  • Topic 5: Hospital grade receptacles

  • Topic 6: Wiring and Ducts

  • Topic 7: Equipotential earth system

  • Topic 8: Possible protection systems (GFCI, isolated electrical system)

  • Topic 9: NFPA 70 Reference

  • Topic 10: NFPA 99 Reference

  • Topic 11: Requirements

  • Topic 12: Importance

  • Topic 13: Essential Electrical System

  • Topic 14: Alternative energy systems

  • Topic 15: Calculation of loads to choose transformer capacity

  • Topic 16: Maintenance and frequency

  • Topic 17: Equipment required for maintenance

Idioma: Español 

Número de Sesiones: 2

Duración por Sesión: 2 horas


Cupos: 25


05/Noviembre & 06/Noviembre

16:00 GMT -5