Genetic Circuits, Genetic Regulatory Network Modeling

Ricardo Gómez 2.png

Omar Paredes


  • Graduated from Universidad de Guadalajara with the title of Biomedical Engineer

  • Graduated from the Master of Science in Electronic and Computer Engineering at Universidad de Guadalajara

  • PhD student in Computer Science and Electronics at Universidad de Guadalajara

  • Research stay at the University of Lorreine, in Nancy, France.

  • Current member of the International Society for Code Biology

  • Member of the EMBS-IEEE since 2020

  • Professor of the Biomedical Engineering career since 2019 at the University of Guadalajara

Paola López 2.png

Paola Deyanira López Zúñiga

  • Egresada de la Licenciatura de Ingeniería Biomédica de la Universidad Politécnica de Chiapas.

  • Laboró como Coordinadora de proyectos en el Clúster de Ingeniería Biomédica del Estado de Jalisco.

Workshop description

In this workshop, you will understand the biological terms behind the identification of genetic circuits, as well as the computer and mathematical tools necessary to carry out a methodology of analysis of biological circuits in a phenotype of interest. For this workshop, basic notions of genetics and Python language are recommended, although the most important thing is the interest in learning cutting-edge analysis techniques.

Workshop Agenda

  • Topic 1: Basic concepts of biology and graph theory

  • Topic 2: Python Basics (Pandas, Numpy, and iGraph)

  • Topic 3 : Construction of genetic regulation networks

  • Topic 4: Identification of genetic circuits 

  • Topic 5: Enrichment of biological functions of circuits 

  • Topic 6: Analysis of genetic circuits in a phenotype of interest  

Idioma: Español 

Número de Sesiones: 1

Duración por Sesión: 6 horas


Cupos: 25



10:00 GMT -5