Characterization of Biosignals


Ricardo Antonio Salido Ruiz


  • Electronics Engineer from Universidad Autónoma de Baja California in 2003

  • He worked in the private sector at a GPS and Sonar company, where he gained experience designing and prototyping circuits with surface mount components in 2004-2005.

  • He joined the Bioelectronics section of CINVESTAV-IPN in Mexico City in 2005

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Workshop description

In this workshop you will learn different ways of extracting information from biosignals from muscular and brain electrical activity, by extracting characteristics in different representation domains.

Idioma: Español 

Número de Sesiones: 2

Duración por Sesión: 2 horas


Cupos: 15


04/Noviembre & 06/Noviembre

14:00 GMT -5