Data Science In Biomedical Engineering

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Israel Roman Godínez  


  • Systems Engineer at Instituto Tecnológico de Zacatepec, Morelos

  • He studied his master's degree at Centro de Investigación en Computación del Instituto Politécnico Nacional using and adapting associative memory models for the identification and classification of sequence, in particular, promoters and splice zones.

  • He obtained a doctorate in Computer Science at Centro de Investigación en Computación del Instituto Politécnico Nacional working on the creation of intelligent models for the alignment of DNA and amino acid sequences 

  • He was part of a team that provided services to the Mexican Stock Exchange, designing and developing applications for the capture and processing of large volumes of banking data

  • He worked in the company Labcitec SA de CV, serving as project leader in the bioinformatics software development division

  • Researcher Professor at Centro Universitario de Ciencias Exactas e Ingenierías de la Universidad de Guadalajara

  • Member of the National System of Researchers Level I

  • EGEL-COMP Technical Advisor representing Universidad de Guadalajara

Conference description

Data science is defined as the multidisciplinary area that aims to obtain new knowledge from large volumes of data. This relatively new discipline has gained momentum in recent years, as a result of its contribution to solving important problems in various disciplines such as marketing, finance, cybersecurity, medicine, and biomedicine. Therefore, in this conference we will address the history of data science, the areas that compose it, the type of problems it solves, the methodology that governs it, as well as some biomedical applications.

Idioma: Español 

Duración: 1 hora



10:00 am GMT -5