Public Relations For Startups, How To Take Them To The Strategy Level?

Daniela Velasco 2.png

Daniela Velasco Barocio


  • Young leader with experience in administration and motivation of team works

  • Management of internal and / or external communication of stakeholders, as well as in entrepreneurship, development and growth of projects

  • She is co-founder of the company HydroX (antiviral and antibacterial solution) and Partner of the communication agency Backstage Lab Mx and current producer at Sinertegia Mx

  • She is speaker on entrepreneurship, innovation, public relations, leadership and more

  • Former captain of the Enactus CUCEA social entrepreneurship community, period 2019-2020

  • Graduated from TrepCamp Entrepreneurial Simulator, New York 2019

  • Areas of expertise: Corporate image, entrepreneurship, innovation, design and public relations.

Conference description

Sustainable development in bioengineering is for students, academics and professionals, an opportunity for the generation and implementation of high impact projects, under non-technological subsystems; economic, social and environmental, as well as the technological ones for the generation of new clean and efficient technologies, new products that respect the environment, the modification of industrial processes to achieve a minimum pollution and the efficient minimization of waste before its formation, among others. With this, bioengineering allows economic development and sustainability among countries.

Conference Agenda

  • Topic 1: What public relations are?

  • Topic 2: What is the most valuable thing for a company?

  • Topic 3: Reputation generation

  • Topic 4: So, why public relations for my startup?

  • Topic 5: Advantages -How to apply public relations?

  • Topic 6: Step by step for a communication plan

  • Topic 7: Tips