The Transforming Secret Of Video Games

David Bonilla 2.png

Jose Luis David Bonilla Carranza


  • Graduated from the Master in Information Technology

  • PhD student in Computer Science and Electronics

  • He works as a professor in the Department of Computational Sciences at the University of Guadalajara, teaching subjects such as computer graphics, Internet programming, computer simulation, Hypermedia, among others.

  • Founding member of Colegio de Profesionistas en Sistemas de Información del Estado de Jalisco (COPSIJAL)

  • Co-founder of INNOVUS WEB, web systems development platform

  • Creator of communities like where he specializes in video game engineering and makes community in CUCEI UdeG

Conference description

One third of the world's population (2.6 billion people) play video games, connecting to massive networks of interaction that have opened opportunities far beyond entertainment. This talk is focused on the secrets that videogames currently hold and their future for a new conception of the game, which includes the power to create new worlds, connect people and shape the economy in unimaginable ways.

Idioma: Español 

Duración: 25 minutos



4:00 pm GMT -5